The Delicious Pizza Maestro

Piestro is crafting the artisanal pizza experience with a futuristic twist.

Reason to Invest

$550M+ Experienced Investors and Backing

Backed by lead investor, Wavemaker Partners, a global Venture Capital fund with $550M+ AUM, and Wavemaker Labs, a food automation-focused venture studio.

Commercial Agreements

$580M in signed commercial agreements. Read more here.

Cutting Costs and Improving the Market

We’re solving two of the biggest problems in the pizza industry: Expensive labor + high real estate costs.

A Piestro pizzeria is roughly the size of two vending machines and is fully autonomous, requiring 0 employees to operate. Estimated startup cost of only $50,000, which is about ⅙ of the median total restaurant startup cost.

Seasoned Leaders

A seasoned team of food and robotics experts made up of executives and founders from Miso Robotics, Kitchen United, SBE Entertainment Group, Graze Autonomous Mowers, and Wolfgang Puck.

Booming Industry

Serving the most popular food in the US with a dual go-to-market approach, including operating our Piestro units and providing existing pizzerias with the ability to white label our units to grow market share for a fraction of the cost.

As Seen In

"Piestro is a high-margin business and can improve the profit generated by traditional pizzerias by more than double – to 48 percent up from just 22 percent."

"Where it traditionally takes a traditional restaurant about 9 to 12 months and about $300,000 to open its doors, a Piestro can be up and running virtually anywhere in about two weeks at a cost of about $75,000."

U.S. Pizza Market

Piestro has designed robots that make pizza at a fraction of the cost of traditional pizzerias.

By all but eliminating the retail footprint and labor costs associated with producing pizza, Piestro is able to maintain high quality ingredients in order to make better pizzas and offer them at lower prices to customers.

*Piestro’s functional product built for in-house testing

The Traditional Pizzeria is a Lower-Margin Business Hindered by High Labor & Real Estate Costs

Profit Margins
*Based on management’s experience and available information in fast casual restaurants

is a High-Margin Business

Profit Margins
*Based on management’s evaluation of available information regarding automation in fast casual restaurants

The Piestro Difference

*The photos included are of Piestro's functional first prototype. The Piestro machine is not currently available on the market and in development.

Lightning Fast

Each pizza will take 3 minutes to cook from start to finish.

Fun and Entertaining

We make your pizza right in front of you - serving not only food, but entertaining pizza experiences for the entire family.

Always Open

Robots are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Order Ahead

In a rush? Order ahead to have your pizza hot and ready when you get here.

Restaurant-Quality Pizza

Using our three decades of food and robotics experience, we created Piestro to cook artisanal pizzas with only the highest quality ingredients.

$580M in pre-orders

via commercial contracts with incredible brands that are taking Piestro global

800 Degrees Pizza, the international pizza brand by renowned chef Anthony Carron, is ready to bring artisan pizza to the future through a partnership with Piestro. The global chain aims to expand its footprint with a projected 3,600 Piestro units over the next five years, which would represent a commercial value of over $530M. We can’t wait for customers everywhere to access 800 Degrees’ craveable artisan pizza 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Read the full press release here.

Carbone Restaurant Group is partnering with Piestro to scale FAST FIRED by Carbone, one of Canada’s fastest-growing pizza franchises. The commercial franchise partnership, valued at approximately $50M, represents a critical prong in FAST FIRED by Carbone’s growth strategy. The company will actively market Powered by Piestro to franchisees, with the goal of deploying up to 500+ units across Canada.

White Label Pizza Experiences with Regional and Nationwide Pizza Chains

Powered By Piestro allows for existing brick & mortar chains to expand geographic and demographic reach at a lower cost

A Dual Revenue Stream Approach

Piestro Revenue Stream
Piestro Cost
Servicing & Supply Chain
Regional and Nationwide Pizza Chains
Expand to New Geographies & Audiences
Upfront Cost / Monthly SaaS / Royalty
Materials + SaaS Support
Pizza Chain / Food Services Provider
Subscription Revenue / Asset Light
Direct To Consumer
Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Stadiums, etc
Top Line Revenue
Materials + Rent
Food Services Provider
Piestro Branded / Asset Light

Piestro is Led by a Seasoned Team of Food and Robotics Experts

Massimo De Marco
Founder, Kitchen United
COO, PH+E Consulting
VP of Ops, SBE Entertainment Group
Regional Director, Wolfgang Puck
Kevin Morris
  • CFO, Miso Robotics
  • American Airlines
Evan Lowell
Lead Engineer
  • Georgia Institute of Technology MS
  • Sensata Technologies
Vahid Alizadehyazdi
Lead Engineer
  • Illinois Institute of Technology PhD
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Christy Joyce
Head of Strategy
  • A Better Chicago
  • Teach For America
  • Chicago Booth MBA
Mike Banuelos
Head of Marketing
  • Hawke Media
  • Oblique Design
Kimberly Ng
Head of Business Operations
  • Wavemaker Partners
  • Rubicon Project
  • Lion Capital

Piestro is Led by a Seasoned Team of Food and Robotics Experts

Wavemaker Partners
Top 10% early-stage venture capital firm with $550mm AUM
Buck Jordan
Strategy Advisor
  • Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners
  • 53 Venture Investments, 8 Exits
Jeffrey Kalt
Restaurant & Operations Advisor
  • CEO, Caliburger
  • Co-Founder, Kitchen United
Gennadiy Goldenshteyn
Strategy Advisor
  • Founder, First Principles LLC
  • Advisor, Verdical
Ryan Sinnet
Technology Advisor
  • CTO, Miso Robotics
  • PhD, Texas A&M

Wavemaker is a top 10% early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore and manages over US$550M in assets.

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Piestro Investor Webinar

Join Massimo De Marco, CEO of Piestro and Chef Anthony Carron, chef and founder of 800 Degrees, for a live investor webinar on September 16th at 10 AM PST to discuss our new commercial partnership and our goal to give customers everywhere access to 800 Degrees' craveable artisan pizza at the touch of a button!

Friday, September 23, 2021, 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Tuesday, September 28th, 11:00 AM Pacific Time
Thursday, September 30th, 11:00 AM Pacific Time